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Soft Shell Lobster

A Soft shell lobster is a lobster that has recently shed its old shell and has a new softer shell.  There is a lesser amount of meat in the lobster because the lobster is growing into its new shell. The meat  is sweeter and juicier with better flavor than a hard shell lobster.

Buying Local is what supports our industry! When buying local it allows us to sell our lobsters at a cheaper price as there is no middleman.  The lobster is coming directly off our boats and onto your dinner table.  Thank You!! 


Lobster Prices

Northend Lobster Co-op
Offers Soft shell and
Hard shell Lobsters 
Please Call for Daily Prices

Hard Shell Lobster

A Hard shell lobster is a lobster that has not shed it's shell yet.  The shell can sometimes be tricky to open as it's so hard, get your hammer ready! The meat in a hard 

shell is less sweet than the soft shell but there is much more inside the shell as the lobster is getting to big for his shell.  This is why the price of a hard shell is more than a soft shell.

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